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Water Testing – October 7: See the notice below - 

Weekly News Blast

WOW – this was a busy week! On Wednesday we held a public hearing to consider whether to amend our town’s comprehensive plan to include a solar overlay map (where solar would be acceptable, not acceptable, or where caution needs to be exercised), along with text explaining the rationale for the map. The last time our Comprehensive Plan was amended was 2018. At that time, we had no inkling that utility solar was even being considered here in Central Wisconsin. Hence, the amendment! After many helpful and insightful comments from residents the hearing closed. Following the Town Board approved an ordinance to amend our comprehensive plan. Next stop – Portage County Planning & Zoning and then, County Board.

Four members of our election team met with Portage County staff for a first look at our new Express Vote machines! You’ll be voting on these new touch screen devices at the next election. There will be a small learning curve (for all of us) but we are excited about the benefits these devices will bring. More information will be coming as an election nears. (picture from left Diana Luecht, Stefanie Schlapa, Julie Kramer, Vicky Zimmerman).

Public Works employees were busy this week. Fifteen miles of road were graded, a few trees cut, and signs installed. Prior to the Public Hearing this week the grass was mowed, the hall was power-washed, and the interior of the hall was cleaned. One and ½ ton of patch were laid down on Pine Street, and a bit on 85th Street in the Mertz subdivision. More patching and sign installations are in the works for next week with good weather in store.

Enjoy the beautiful weather and have a safe weekend. Sharon