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NOTICE: Town Board Meeting: The Town Board will meet on Wednesday November 29th immediately following the meeting of the electors at the Grant Town Hall.  The agenda can be found on the Agendas & Minutes page. 

Weekly News Blast

A lot of hopeful things happened in the Town this week. Two large grants were resubmitted for consideration to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) – 1) A Bipartisan Infrastructure Law application for Elm Road (90th – 100th) for $575,000 and 2) Transportation Alternative Program Safe Routes to School application for Mertz Subdivision for almost $1,900,000. Decisions by WisDOT are expected by early 2024.

The Town Board met on Wednesday to review and complete the 2024 draft budget. Thanks are extended to Clerk Stefanie Schlapa and Deputy Clerk Vicky Zimmerman for their work on its preparation. The budget hearing will be held on November 29th. Mark your calendars! The Board also reviewed Portage County Highway Department’s free flow speed data and Quest Civil Engineers, LLC ‘s speed study report to consider an Ordinance to reduce the speed limit on Evergreen Avenue from 55mph to 45mph. The Ordinance was approved. Signage will be installed in early November and the Portage County Sheriff’s Department apprised of the change.

The Town Board prepared a letter to all Portage County Board of Supervisors asking them to include the Town’s ambulance contract costs in their 2024 budget. Many of you may recall that Portage County used to pay our contract fees but halted this in 2011 when they were permitted to impose an Emergency Management System (EMS) Special Levy under the auspices of County-wide ambulance service (which is not valid). We, the Town sued the County but lost at both the circuit court and appellate court level. So today we pay $78,000 for a service we do not receive AND nearly $42,000 for one we do (United Emergency Medical Service). The attached letter was sent to every county board member. If you know one or some, please call them and ask for their support. And consider attending the November 1st County Board meeting to speak on this issue.  

Public works was busy spot grading and hauling road base this week. Fall mowing was completed and a few fallen trees removed.

Last, a word of warning…I was contacted by a resident who was subject to a potential scammer. Several times over the last few weeks he was called by someone posing as an assessor who said they had to inspect his home. The telephone number originated from Illinois. Please be cautious if someone calls YOU claiming they need to inspect your home.

Snowflakes may fly this weekend. Bundle up, Sharon