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Town Highlights

The Town of Grant was established in 1864. (Click for more on the Town's history) It is the largest of the 17 Towns in Portage County in terms of geographic size, encompassing an area of approximately 45,618 acres, or 71.28 square miles. Grant is located in the southwest corner of Portage County about 12 miles southwest of Stevens Point and is bordered on the west by Wood County (Towns of Saratoga and Grand Rapids), the north by the Town of Plover, the east by Towns of Plover, Buena Vista and Pine Grove, and the south by Adams County (Town of Leola). Based on the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau information,  the Town's population is 1906 citizens.

The agricultural, natural and cultural resources of the Town of Grant play important roles in why most people choose to live here. Substantial natural woodlands and wetlands, varied abundant wildlife, and flat topography that makes for productive farms and farmland all come together to create a landscape rare in Wisconsin.

The residents of the Town of Grant recognize the value of their unique landscape and understand that it supports and sustains a way of life they are proud of. For those who choose to farm the land here, the community supports their efforts and works to minimize barriers that impede this economically viable industry.

Agriculture in Grant

The residents also understand that the identification and protection of the natural resources of the community will help sustain a rich quality of life that is enjoyed by all who settle here.

Buena Vista Wildlife Area

After being on hiatus since the seventies and following the success of the Town’s sesquicentennial celebration in 2014, the Kellner Area Business Owners decided to resume the annual Kellner Corn Festival.  The event takes place in August when fresh, locally grown sweet corn is in season.  The event includes food, drink, music and games.

Betty Petrusky - Life-Long Resident and
2016 Kellner Corn Festival Grand Marshal
Betty Petrusky - Life-Long Resident and 2016 Kellner Corn Festival Grand Marshal