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Searching for Something on the Website?: Are you looking for something on the town website?  Try the search box found on the top ribbon of the page.  For example, type in a word such as "Solar" and a list of items on the website will appear beneath the search button.  The top item is a page with that title (Solar in this example.)  Other items that appear will be postings related to the search word. 

Can you help?

On the afternoon of Monday February 20 someone backed into the Transfer Station driveway and dumped a large amount of carpeting, its backing, and a dog toy west of the entry gate. The materials were urine-soaked. The Portage County Sheriff Department (PCSD) is investigating this littering incident. The PCSD and the Town of Grant is asking for your help. If you know who might have done this, please contact the non-emergency number for the PCSD at (715) 346-1400 or Town of Grant Chair Sharon Schwab at (715) 213-1717.

Thank you.