2022 Town Road Improvement Discretionary Project

Buena Vista Creek Bridges on 95th and 100th Streets


Project Progression
Week 1 - Pictures from 6/7/2022

95th Street

Pictures from 6/10/2022 - Should be able to pour concrete next week

Week 2 - 6/14/22

6/14/22 Progress Report

Pouring concrete has begun
Buena Vista Creek at 95th Street

Week 3 - 6/21/22

6/21/22 Progress Report

Much of the work took place out of sight of the camera this week.
Concrete will be poured on the south side of the bridge starting on Wednesday.

Week 3 - 6/26/22

A lot of concrete was poured this week.

Week 4 - 6/29 & 6/30

6/28/22 Progress Report

Dry run and post pour

Week 4 - 7/2/22

You can now see under the bridge on 95th Street..

Week 5 - 7/8/22

Looking north on 95th Street, road surface prep heading south towards Buena Vista Creek , and the new rails.

Week 6 - 7/14/22

7/12/22 Progress Report

95th Street is now open.
Paving will take place when 100th is paved.  The bridge over 100th closed today.

End of Week 6 - 7/17/22

7/19/22 Progress Report

Getting started on 100th

End of Week 7 - 7/23/2022

100th Street
Pavement and old culverts removed.

End of Week 8 - 7/30/22

Concrete pouring has started on 100th Street

End of Week 9 - 8/6/2022

Cross beams added on 100th Street

End of Week 10 - 8/13/2022

Gloomy day with pavement under plastic.

Week 11 - 8/18/2022

Shortly after sunrise.
Grating is planned for today. Then the paving the approaches to the two new bridges can begin.

Week 12 - 8/23/2022

Paving on 95th Street is taking place

End of Week 12 - 8/27/2022

Open Bridge on 100th Street

Pictures of the completed project